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Data security
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Data security

Where will the data of BIC Design Free WebEdition be stored?

All data will be stored in the local storage of the browser on your device.

Will my data be deleted when I delete the browser history or temporary data of the browser?

Because your data are stored in the local storage of your browser, you must be aware when the HTML5 Web Storage will be deleted. For deleting the HTML5 Web Storage in the Internet Explorer select: Internet Options > Delete Browser History > "cookies and site data". In Google Chrome you find this setting under: Settings > History > Clear Browsing Data > "cookies and other website and plug-in data" and in Firefox under Options >Privacy > History > Offline Website Data. These options should always be deactivated. Please always backup your data by using the export function, if you want to activate this setting. Also make sure that the above mentioned option is not selected in combination with "delete data on exit".

What data will be transmitted at those functions for which I need to be online?

Only data necessary for the respective function will be transmitted. To generate a print or a manual selected charts and cared details will be transmitted. While exporting, all charts and cared details will be transmitted. The transmission via the Internet is necessary for technical reasons and all data will be deleted after execution of the function. A permanent storage of the data does not take place.

Can I also back up my data from BIC Design Free Web Edition?

Yes, in BIC Design Free WebEdition there is a simple XML export with which the data can be backed up (Internet connection required).

Technical Questions

What are the system requirements for BIC Design Free Web Edition?

BIC Design Free Web Edition is a web application and runs on Internet Explorer Version 10/11 as well as on Google Chrome and Firefox 2.x. We recommend Internet Explorer 10 and 11.

Can I switch the browser or use different browsers?

The change between different browsers or using different browsers is possible. Each browser has a dedicated storage space. Via the export and import function in BIC Design Free WebEdition data can be transmitted to other browsers.

On which technology is BIC Design Free WebEdition based?

BIC Design Free WebEdition is based on HTML5 and php.

Are there any special security settings that must be observed in the browser?

No, it is not necessary to make security settings. Only JavaScript must be executable and local web storage must be allowed in the browser.

Does BIC Design Free WebEdition run on mobile devices?

BIC Design Free Web Edition also runs on mobile devices, such as Tablets.

Can I create reports with BIC Design Free Web Edition?

Yes, you can create professional WinWord manuals and Excel exports. (Requires an Internet connection)

Can I link documents and links with a process model?

Yes, links to other websites and online stored data (via URL) will be supported.

Do I need to be online when modelling?

No, for modelling in BIC Design Free WebEdition an internet connection is not required. The special feature of BIC Design Free WebEdtion is that all data will be stored in the local browser storage and thus are available offline.

When do I have to be online with BIC Design Free Web Edition?

For the functions: printing, Excel report, process manual, exporting graphics and Export/ Import an Internet connection is required.

Can I work simultan on a process model in BIC Design Free WebEdition?

No, for this purpose you need the professional version of BIC Design.

Can I import my data from BIC Design Free WebEdition to BIC Platform?

Yes, this function is available by one click so that all information can be automatically transmitted.

Which additional functions and possibilities are available with the BIC Platform?

BIC Platform is one of the leading BPM platforms. Because of its scalability, it is suitable for both small and large companies. Parallel modelling, simulations, extensive analyses, collaborative features, document integration and pre-configured workflow engines are just a few of the wide range of functions. As a platform the following modules are available:

  • BIC Cloud Design
  • BIC Cloud GRC
  • BIC Cloud Monitor


Further information can be found at:

Other questions

What are the typical fields of application of BIC Design Free Web Edition?

BIC Design Free Web Edition supports a simple and quick entry into the functional process management. Standardized notations are available and allow an easy entry into the modelling of technical or executable processes and initial analyses.

Is training for BIC Design Free WebEdition required?

For the use of BIC Design Free WebEdition no training is necessary. The handling of BIC Design Free WebEdition is easy and intuitive. In addition useful information will be made available at, e.g. a quick introduction as well as learning videos. If you are interested in a general introduction of methods and best practice for process management take part in one of the regularly introducing workshops of GBTEC (e.g. introduction to BPMN 2.0 modelling, introduction to Business Process Management).


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