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  • Free BPM Tool for
    new Process Ideas

    Start now your BPM project with BIC Design Free WebEdition for free. Realise your process ideas.

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  • BIC Cloud Professional & Business

    The new innovative tool for process modelling. Now you can model and analyse in a team, online and offline. This makes process modeling even easier.


Realise your process ideas with BIC Design Free WebEdition

Thanks to the latest web technology you design your processes with BIC Design Free WebEdition in no time:

  • no costs

  • no installation
  • no procurement times

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The most important about BIC Design Free WebEdition

No license and maintenance costs

The Free WebEdition of BIC Design can be used free of charge.

Automatic Updates

As soon as the Free WebEdition is connected to the Internet it receives all available updates. All updates are free of charge.

A smooth charge to the BIC Platform

All process models can be converted completely into the Professional Version of the BIC Platform.

Easy start with method

The Free WebEdition provides you with a high quality repertoire of modelling methods.
Choose a model type of the current standards in order to implement your plan into action:

  • BPMN
  • value chains and event driven process chains
  • IT landscape
  • Organisation charts
  • universal diagrams

Select the most suitable method to implement your project quickly.

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Modelling assistant

The assistant supports you in modelling. Automatic raster and alignment features ensure easy and correct alignment of the objects.

The  miniature symbol palette shows the next possible process steps during the modelling process.

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Simple process sharing

If you want to show colleagues or friends your process models simply create a data export and send it by email. The recipient imports the file into its Free WebEdition and your process models can be viewed. You can also use the data export for a backup of your process models.

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Extend your process modelling to a complete BPM platform

Use a professional tool for Business Process Management and change to BIC Platform or BIC Cloud at anytime. Both provides you with a wide range of functions which support you in the best way in all areas of process management:

  • Process Portal
  • Process Automation
  • Document Management
  • Governance Management
  • Monitoring

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